& Organically
Grown in
New York.

& Organically
Grown in
New York.

About Us

New York Hemp Service is an all natural, sustainable hemp operation located in Hudson, New York, where we maintain 130 acres of fields, 160,000 square feet of greenhouses, and 12,000 square feet of true indoor cultivation space. Our entire grow operation is fed with nutrient rich aquaponic water and compost that is all generated from our sister facility, Hudson Valley Fisheries, one of North America’s largest indoor RAS aquaculture farms. The combination of these two operations yields the highest quality hemp grown.

Advanced Aquaponic Technologies

Industry leading approach to facility design, operation, and optimization

Grown in NY

Our facility and our fields are located in the beautiful Hudson Valley


Our mission is to set the standard for the future of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture

Our Products

Hemp Clones

Proven genetics that are seedless, THC compliant, and excel in the climate conditions of the beautiful Northeast

Hemp Biomass

There is such a thing as beautiful, pesticide and heavy metal free biomass, and we produce it!

Hemp Flower

You have to see our flower to believe the impressive quality

Slide Our Hemp Good for the planet, good for you.

Our Growing Methods

When growing in the fields or in our state of the art greenhouse and true indoor facilities, are approach is always the same. We clone our proven genetics on site, and then raise our hemp with nutrient rich aquaponic water and compost, supplemented with top of the line OMRI certified organic nutrients. Our finished products speak for themselves.

True Indoor

New York Hemp Service is one of only few companies in the country that grows hemp in a true indoor environment. With complete control over the environmental conditions, we produce a product that is beyond top of the line.

  • 12,000 square feet of light, irrigation, temperature, and humidity controlled cultivation space
  • Three separate growing bays with individual environmental control systems


160,000 square feet of greenhouses provides us with ample space to supply the growing demands of our valued customers

  • Our greenhouses are setup just like our True Indoor space, but with the added benefit of natural sunlight
  • Two greenhouse bays are utilized for our low and slow curing and drying processes


Our 130 acres of fields in New York’s Hudson Valley are picturesque and fertile. We are proud of our land, value the importance of good stewardship, and feel privileged to be able to enjoy our surroundings every day.

  • Our fields were formed as the result of a glacial melt, and sat dormant for several decades, allowing for an abundance of nutrient content within the soil.
  • Our full panel lab results demonstrate the vitality of our soil and the organic nature in which we cultivate our hemp.

Ready, Set, Grow.

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